Remilia under the toadstool

by Youkai Paradise

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April fools!
It's our way to express how weird we can be.
But that's good, right?

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That scary summer day, a lady called Sakuya

Left me there, under a toadstool

Meanwhile the sun was reaching me! Oh!

And when I was sitting there

Without anything to do

I was thinking about my dinner

About her punishment so far

Why I must be there?

Can I go anywhere?

Is that mushroom really edible?

My mind is completely blank again

It’s enough, I have enough!

On my pale cheeks I can feel those diamond tears

When I’m sitting here all alone I look like a child

Left there without their mother

Sakuya ah Sakuya, my revenge will reach you

And under the pale moon I will have a taste of your blood

I will sing to you a song, about my loneliness

When you fall asleep tonight, I will put a collar on you

I wonder... Where's Ojou-sama?
She was... somewhere around, wasn't she?
Oh... Well... Nevermind
She must be safe, right?
I hope so

Is this still Gensokyo?

Or maybe is it an outside world?

I can’t see anything, because of trees

I feel like I could sink down

Hey you! Come back, just wait!

You can’t hide your rabbit ears!

Go for Meiling, or for Sakuya!

You can’t leave me here all alone!

So I startled a rabbit, it was my only resort

And night was still distant to me

I only wanted to call her

but it is Gensokyo, and I don’t know what is a phone

It’s the end, for me it’s the end

I’ll die under the toadstool

Oh, but I’m immortal, damn!

How could I forget that?

So when the night will arrive

And I will see those shining stars

I will fly upon the sky

And take my revenge on you!


released April 1, 2017
Lyrics: Saber-san
Vocal: RemyFive, Saber
Mix: RemyFive
Composer: IOSYS




Youkai Paradise Poland

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